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Through Chakra Balancing we release the frequencies of trapped negative emotions helping you let go of old patterns opening the way for you to create positive life experiences, empowering you to:

Manifest Happy, Healthy, Loving Relationships

Find Purpose & Contentment

Optimize Your Finances

Improve Your Health & Wellbeing… and so much more

Our family did a series of sessions with Fyonna. We grew as a family. My relationship wih my husband improved significantly. I found we were able to communicate with greater ease and leave past transgressions behind. Over a year has passed since our sessions anbd our family has remained balanced.

E.A., Belmont, MA

The sessions I did with Fyonna focused on gaining purpose and manifesting a love relationship. Our work together made me believe for the first time I was worthy of love. I have since met a wonderful mate who I will be marrying soon. I hold a law degree but I'm now a teacher in a third world country. Working with Fyonna has brought great abundance and purpose to my life.

E.H.A., Belmont, MA

The Chakra Balancing Series I did wih Fyonna was of profound assistance in bringing to conscious awareness the crippling energetic messages I had been carrying in my body, uncovering and releasing deep unconscious cording I was engaging with family members. The result has been life-changing forward movement, in my relationship with myself and with others.

K.M., Malden, MA

Come discover our holistic approach to alternative healing and natural health therapies.

A Wellthy You helps our clients live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. We would love to help you manifest a happier life.

Heal in the privacy & comfort of your own home.

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