7 Chakra Healing Boston

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Using the 7 chakras we release the frequencies of negative emotions that cause to you to struggle in various areas of your life, empowering you to:

Manifest Happy, Healthy, Loving Relationships

Find Purpose & Contentment

Optimize Your Finances

Improve Your Health & Wellbeing… and so much more

Our family did a series of sessions with Fyonna. We grew as a family. My relationship with my husband improved significantly. I found we were able to communicate with greater ease and leave past transgressions behind. Over a year has passed since our sessions and our family has remained balanced.

E.A., Belmont, MA

The sessions I did with Fyonna focused on gaining purpose and manifesting a loving relationship. Our work together made me believe for the first time I was worthy of love. I have since met a wonderful mate who I will be marrying soon. I hold a law degree but I'm now a teacher in a third world country. Working with Fyonna has brought great abundance and purpose to my life.

E.A., Belmont, MA

The Chakra Clearing Series I did with Fyonna was of profound assistance in bringing to conscious awareness the crippling energetic messages I had been carrying in my body, uncovering and releasing deep unconscious cording I was engaging with family members. The result has been life-changing forward movement, in my relationship with myself and with others.

K.M., Malden, MA

Come discover our holistic approach to alternative healing and natural health therapies.

A Wellthy You helps our clients live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. We would love to help you manifest a happier life.

Heal in the privacy & comfort of your own home.

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