Energy Healing Therapist in the Boston, MA area.

A Wellthy You™, uses Muscle Testing to communicate with your body’s innate wisdom to get feedback from your body (Biofeedback) to identify and release trapped emotions feeding your unconscious behaviors. For our local clients, we also use a Biofeedback device that shows your energy profile in real time. Our energy healing session help to bring unconscious patterns into your conscious mind where rational resides. We select form a list of energy healing modalities the best one to release the energy/energies causing the imbalance encouraging your body’s innate ability to self-heal. Our energy healing sessions include goal specific balancing to assist you in manifesting your life’s goals and achieve your highest potential helping you to empower yourself to improve your health and well-being through simple self-help techniques. Helping you to become “A Wellthy You”.

After only a few energy healing sessions our clients report a profound “whole being” healing that brings about a self-actualization that enables them to quickly break free of old patterns that fed counterproductive cycles in their lives opening the way for them to now start creating positive life experiences. With their unconsciously driven habits now gone, they are able to seamlessly structure their lives in ways that manifests: loving relationships, well-paying fulfilling carriers, healthier lifestyles etc. resulting in fuller, happier, healthier and more satisfying lives.

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