Energy Healing

Positive energy transmits a higher frequency than negative energy. Hence, our energy centers become blocked when the low feelings linked to negative emotions get stuck in our beings. Fyonna uses a one of a kind Energy Healing protocol that raises the vibration of low energies. First, she uses Muscle Testing to find the low energies in your body. Next, special healing micro crystals are used to free the negative charge linked to those energies. As a result, high vibration energy flows freely through your 7 chakras, bringing about a state of balance.

Who Can Benefit from Energy Healing?

We have all felt the low feelings linked to negative emotions. These low feelings build-up in our bodies over time. Notably, the build-up happens without our being aware. Further, to protect us, these low energies form patterns that run us at the unconscious level. Have you ever consciously known how to get a desired result but your actions oppose your stated goal? Why do certain sounds, smells, tastes etc. bring back memories or cause unwanted actions? Energy Healing sessions with A Wellthy You has helped many break free from patterns that cause self-sabotage.

Energy Healing Results

After a few energy healing sessions clients have reported deep “whole being” energy shifts. The door is now open for them to create positive life experience. Thus, they are able to quickly break free of old habits that oppose their stated goals. Her clients have been able to manifests: loving relationships, well-paying fulfilling carriers, healthy lifestyles etc.. As a result, they have become “Wellthy”. They now live full, happy, healthy and satisfying lives. Likewise, she can help you become “A Wellthy You”.

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