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I've had three sessions with Fyonna now, and I am so amazed by the results I got right away. She was on point with certain situations that has happened to me in the past, and helping let go of it and move on. Most recently she has helped change my mindset completely with instilling self respect, self worth, and boundaries with people in my life. And it's truly amazing how my life has improved already in just the short time.Thank you so much.

Energy Healing, Newport Beach, CA
Kanoe I., Newport Beach, CA

I came across an article talking about Fyonna's practice. I needed guidance as I couldn't deal with doctors guesses anymore. Each session has helped me figure out why my body wasn't responding to medical treatments and I know I'm on the right path to full recovery. Fyonna is warm, compassionate and so kind. She makes sure I understand what the focus point is during each session and explains the shifting of energies as we go. A visit with Fyonna is pure revelation!

Val, Watertown, MA

I have had three chakra balancing sessions with Fyonna and the results have been spectacular. As a results of these sessions, I no longer have physical ailments (back pain and siatica) and I am feeling more confident and positive about the future. I've seen much faster results through Chakra balancing than I have from years of therapy. I am now a strong believer in energy healing and have referred Fyonna to all my friends and family. Fyonna is amazing and I'm so excited to have all of my chakra's balanced!!

Christine H, Needham, MA

I've had 5 chakra balancing sessions so far and have experienced exceptional results ! So much that I'm sure Fyonna can help my 19 year old son who suffers from ADHD. He will be having his 2nd chakra healing session tomorrow and I'll be on session #6. The results have been very unexpected and exciting, to actually feel the negative energy that's been trapped all this time come out like it has. Thank you so much Fyonna!

Lori N.
Lori N., Martha's Vineyard, MA

During my Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing sessions with Fyonna, a couple major issues from my past where quickly addressed by her. I was completely in awe that she was able to channel and pinpointed these memories. An incredible experience, and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to pursue life to the fullest.

Kelly Dempsey
Kelly Dempsey, Somerville, MA

The day following my first session with Fyonna, I noticed that I felt more clear and calm about the steps I needed to take going forward. Within 10 days I landed myself the perfect part time job. If you have ever felt, 'stuck', 'blocked', 'stumped' etc. I strongly suggest you contact Fyonna at A Wellthy You. Much like I asked myself, what do you have to lose?

Jennifer E.
Jennifer E., Jamaica Plain, MA

After 3 sessions with Fyonna, I can say that she is very gifted. She is also very empathetic. During the sessions, I had a lot of questions for her and she was happy to answer all of them. I was positively surprised by how well she could read some events from my past. I felt understood and safe. Her office atmosphere is very Zen and relaxing. I will highly recommend Fyonna to all my clients.

Sarah, Boston
Sarah, Boston, MA

The Chakra Balancing Series I did with Fyonna was of profound assistance in bringing to conscious awareness the crippling energetic messages I had been carrying in my body, uncovering and releasing deep unconscious cording I was engaging with family members. The result has been life-changing forward movement, in my relationship with myself and with others.

K.M., Malden, MA

The work I did with Fyonna focused on gaining purpose and manifesting a loving relationship. Our work together made me believe for the first time I was worthy of love. I have since met a wonderful mate who I will be marrying soon. I hold a law degree but I'm now a teacher in a third world country. Working with Fyonna has brought great abundance and purpose to my life.

E.H.A., Belmont, MA

Our family did a series of sessions with Fyonna. We grew as a family. My relationship with my husband improved significantly. I found we were able to communicate with greater ease and leave past transgressions behind. Over a year has passed since our sessions and our family has remained balanced.

E.A., Belmont, MA

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