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Need Emotional Support?

We will help to guide you out of the emotional fog & [into your desired emotional state]

A Wellthy You uses Mind Body Therapy Techniques to help our clients achieve their desired mental & emotional state.

Why use Mind Body Therapy?

Clear Trauma

Did you know that all trauma has a reproducible structure that can implode... 

Stop Self Sabotage

Do you have a clear picture in your mind of who you want to be, but find yourself...

Overcome Phobias

Are your irrational fears holding you hostage and preventing you from living a...

Undo Limiting Decisions

When was the last time you said "I'm not going to "fill in the blank" because...

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What to Expect in your Mind Body Therapy Session


We discuss your most pressing issue

We find out the area of your life you're finding challenging. Then, we discuss your desired outcome. Your desired outcome now becomes your "Goal Statement" aka your Desired mental and emotional state.


We identify what's stopping you from getting your desired result

We muscle test through a list of over 500 "Damage Patterns" that could be preventing you from accomplishing your "Desired Goal". These Damage Patterns form as a result of your life experiences that cause emotional damage.


We clear damage preventing you from getting desired result

After we have identified the "Damage Patterns" interfering on your "Desired Goal", we use the appropriate Mind Body Therapy or Mind Body Intervention, to release the trapped emotion causing the negative emotional charge that is 

Virtual Mind Body Therapy Sessions Provide


Now more than ever it's important to be safe. Virtual sessions allow you to heal in the safety of your own home.


Heal in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Heal on the go. With today's busy schedules, virtual Mind Body Therapy sessions allow you the flexibility to heal at your convenience.


Heal on the go. With today's busy schedules, virtual Mind Body Therapy sessions allow you the flexibility to heal at your convenience.


Kanoe I., Newport Beach, CA

I've had three sessions with Fyonna now, and I am so amazed by the results I got right away. She was on point with certain situations that has happened to me in the past, and helping let go of it and move on. Most recently she has helped change my mindset completely with instilling self respect, self worth, and boundaries with people in my life. And it's truly amazing how my life has improved already in just the short time. Thank you so much.

Jennifer E., Jamaica Plain, MA

The day following my first session with Fyonna, I noticed that I felt more clear and calm about the steps I needed to take going forward. Within 10 days I landed myself the perfect part time job. If you have ever felt, 'stuck', 'blocked', 'stumped' etc. I strongly suggest you contact Fyonna at A Wellthy You. Much like I asked myself, what do you have to lose?

E.H.A., Belmont, MA

The work I did with Fyonna focused on gaining purpose and manifesting a loving relationship. Our work together made me believe for the first time I was worthy of love. I have since met a wonderful mate who I will be marrying soon. Working with Fyonna has brought great abundance and purpose to my life.


Achieve your [desired mental & emotional state] now!


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