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Long Distance Chakra Cleansing | In Studio Chakra Cleansing

All clients who book long distance chakra cleansing sessions will be taught muscle testing. I will ask the questions and you will muscle test the answers. Clients doing long distance chakra cleansing sessions will also apply various techniques to themselves. I will walk you through the process, step by step. It will take at least four sessions to complete the series. You can either sit or lie down.

Your sessions will focus on releasing energy blocks from your 7 chakras. Energy blocks that collect in your chakras disrupt the free flow of energy in your subtle body. This disruption manifest as various mental, emotional and physical problems in your life. Each session begins with muscle testing to see which two chakras will be cleared for that session. Next, we determine how many energies will need to be cleared from each chakra.

Long Distance Chakra Cleansing Same as In Studio Chakra Cleansing Session

Expect various memories to pop up in your mind during your 60-minute healing session. Random slices of life will creep back into your conscious during your chakra cleansing session. Each session releases the energies of trapped negative emotions that has been blocking your chakras. This allows you to let go of old patterns and make room for positive changes in your life. Clients have varying reactions to the sessions. Very few clients feel no sensations at all. Notably, most clients instantly feels when an energy blockage has been cleared.

Chakra Cleansing – When Should I Follow Up?

Long distance chakra cleansing as well as in studio sessions stimulates your body to activate its own innate healing process. Blocked chakras can have a negative effect on your health. Our glands, organs and body parts share an energy connection to each of our 7 chakras. When our 7 chakras are clear,  the energy connection enables positive energy flow in our organs, glands and body parts. Chakra cleansing, calms the nervous system, improves circulation, and assists the body in releasing toxins while helping numerous health conditions. The frequency of your follow up sessions will depend on your initial reason for seeking treatment. Once the series is complete, we will muscle test and your body tells us when your next session should be.

Long Distance Chakra Cleansing & In Studio Chakra Cleansing can Help you too!

The energy healing work done at A Wellthy You allows you to step into your limitless potential. Clients seek us out because they want to fully embrace themselves and start enjoying their lives. The goal is to help each client, live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. You get the same results with long distance chakra cleansing as you would with an in studio session. Call 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849) or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the services that we provide.

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