Achieving your Goals

It’s almost New Years resolution time, have you began thinking about achieving your goals for the new year? Some are initially enthusiastic about goals/dreams; however generally most of us lose steam. Let down and disappointment set in. Others give up, because of too many past failures. Yet giving up, is no solution, because our lives slip away, and the things we need and yearn for are not accomplished. We lose purpose, meaning and hope. I want us to regain our hope. Here are 7 tips for achieving your goals, so we all can have the kind of New Year we truly desire.

Key Components of Achieving your Goals

One important question. Is this something I want, or am I doing for another? If we don’t truly want the goal, we won’t succeed.

Second, if accomplishing resolutions was just about deciding what we want and doing it, then this article would be unnecessary.

Generally, we don’t accomplish our goals, because there is not enough congruency between our mind body and spirit. Meaning, achieving your goals my seem impossible because of ingrained limiting beliefs, so you unconsciously resist taking the first step or self-sabotage along the way.

You need to make the benefits of achievement crystal clear. Hence, your motivation should be the joys of achieving your goals, not the pain or disappointment you feel from not having it. Still, the emotional blocks to achieving your goals, may be very strong.

7 Tips for Achieving your Goals

  1. Get quiet. Let your deeper self create goals.
  2. Be specific. Write exactly what you want to accomplish.
  3. Make it measurable, set a date to accomplish it by.
  4. Make it meaningful to you.
  5. Identify resistance- ie fear, low esteem, ambivalence. Sit with and face into resistance rather than ignoring it. Strategize about releasing resistance to achieving your goals, and do so.
  6. See your dream coming true. Feel yourself doing it, see it vividly, imagine it totally, like it has already come. Embody it.
  7. Take responsibility for achieving your goals.

Achieving your Goals

All these strategies for achieving your goals are needed, yet may not be enough. This is not your fault. The blocks to achieving your goals, may be so strong, you cannot release them alone. Therefore, you may need a highly trained professional to help you let go of emotional baggage that causes you to feel stuck. We all know what we want to accomplish and some of us even know how to achieve our goals. Yet, getting from knowing how to do something to actually doing it, can be difficult if we have trapped emotions getting in our way. Remember… It is not weakness to seek help, it actually shows great strength, so you too can realize your true greatness and shine as you were meant to, knowing that you are the only person who can stop you from achieving your goals.

Fyonna has helped so many people break through. Let the next person who breaks through, be you.!!!!

After working with Fyonna, accomplishing my goals became easy and effortless. My limiting beliefs that where holding me back have been replaced with the knowledge that if something has been accomplished by another person, I too have the power and resources within me to accomplish it too. I am now able to recognize self-sabotage and have the tools I need to create my future exactly the way I want it. My life has become more fulfilled and satisfying as I can now see endless possibilities for a bright and happy future.

Lily Parker

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