Healing from Emotional Trauma in the Boston, MA area


I access these frequencies though muscle testing, pinpointing their exact location in your body. Most clients feel an unusual sensation in the area of the body upon locating a trapped emotion. I then use special micro-crystals to access the...

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Stop Unconscious Self Sabotage

We are all living magnets, attracting from the universe what we send out into it – if you are subconsciously sending out negative messages (i.e. thoughts, feelings, words or actions), you could be attracting negative energy – unknowingly sabotaging various aspects of your life – call us today and stop the cycle – 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849).

Chakra Balancing Session Follow up


Hi B.E.S., just following up to see how you’re feeling after yesterday’s session, I know your session was pretty intense so just wanted to see how you’re doing.


Hi Fyonna, I was a little pooped after our session yesterday, but feeling a lot better today, a lot of things have become clearer to me now, things I wasn’t sure if they were dreams or my imagination are now clear vivid memories, Thanks

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