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Benefits of Unblocking the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra in our chakra system and is very important to our wellbeing. The first or root chakra focuses on basic stability and connection to our tribe/birth family or lineage. The sacral chakra is more personal and expressive. It is generally the color of orange and just below the navel. It is associated with sexuality, creativity, reproduction, relationships, pleasure and self-expression. This chakra allows us to be ourselves, to have the kind of personal relationships we want. It helps us have the deep and loving relationships we truly yearn for. The sacral chakra is designed to help us to live our lives creatively.

Our society puts great emphasis on sexual expression. At the same time, there is great shame, fear and abuse around sex. So, it is not surprising many of us have challenges with this chakra. This shame can also impact our ability to be creative, even in non-sexual endeavors. Blockages also affect platonic relationships, and our ability to have healthy boundaries.

Benefits of Unblocking the Sacral Chakra

When this chakra functions well, we feel close and connected to ourselves. Creativity, intuition and closeness to others, including our partner, is enhanced. We are connected, flowing, expressive and joyful in a deep sense. There is sense of oneness with nature and all of life. We exude a love and pleasure that is physical, and beyond the physical, an erotic relationship to all of life.

Erotic does not mean having sex all the time or being promiscuous. It’s a kind of mind/body/soul/spirit energy/way of being that puts us in touch with everything. We are at one with the beauty of life, that is at once physical and spiritual.

When the sacral chakra is blocked, however, we may have compulsive sex or act out in ways that are hurtful. We become obsessive, or conversely, we may be shut down sexually and be unable to experience any sexual feelings. Further, we may feel cut off in all our relationships. Our creativity may suffer. We become rigid and shut down. We become dependent or codependent. Blockages in this area can make our lives very out of balance.

That is why it so essential to the quality of our lives to have a healthy sacral chakra.
These are some steps we can take to open this part of ourselves and heal.

Steps to Take to Unblock the sacral Chakra

  1. We can use gem stones to increase energy flow in all our chakras, because they are all connected, and a blockage in one chakra can lead to blockages in the others.
  2. Go online and find out the various essential oils that can be very helpful with loosening up energy in the sacral chakra.
  3. Dance like no one is watching. Dancing is very freeing. It can open our body mind and spirit. Go with friends if you can and dance to your favorite rhythm.
  4. Visualizing the color orange can help open the sacral chakra.
  5. Letting go of people and situations that no longer serve us can help. Anything we do that frees us up, such as making art, listening to music, being silly etc.

Unblocking your Sacral Chakra

However, it may well be, that despite our very best efforts, we are still stuck in this area. The amount of trauma, misinformation and baggage related to sexuality and creativity is profound. It can be virtually impossible to release these blockages in your sacral chakra alone.

It is easy to understand that one may be embarrassed or ashamed to seek help with this part of ourselves. However, it makes great sense to reach out to someone who is caring, knowledgeable and sensitive. Such a professional can help us with such blockages. It shows exceptional courage and strength to reach out for help, especially in such a personal and sensitive area. A trained professional like Fyonna can use micro crystals and energy work to unblock our chakras.

“Fyonna has a very gentle and humorous way of being with people. She radiates acceptance, love, kindness and has no judgment whatsoever. She creates an atmosphere that allows one to relax and feel safe, even in sensitive areas. Further, she is greatly skilled in releasing any blockages in a way that is surprisingly gentle and easy. Don’t suffer for another moment. Be wise. Allow her to help you have the sense of rightness, ease, joy and connectedness that has eluded you until now. After all that is your very birthright as a human being. Don’t Delay. See Fyonna Today!!! Healing is Already on the Way!!!”

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