Brow Chakra Embracing your Sixth Sense!

Brow Chakra

The brow chakra is located right in the middle of the forehead, the brain area and just above the nose. This is the 6th chakra in our chakra system. It is the seat of the intuition. This chakra has a wisdom beyond the intellect that allows us to tune into our innate guidance system. This chakra really puts us into a flow state.

The color of the brow chakra is indigo and allows us access to a higher wisdom. This chakra helps with memory, intuitive understanding, empathy, imagination, open mindedness. It gives us a sense of deep wisdom and the ability to easily reach deep meditative states. A well-functioning brow chakra brings perception and mental stamina as well.

Benefits of Balancing your Brow Chakra

The brow chakra tunes us into universal truths and helps us attain right livelihood. It also brings clarity and tells us who and what to go towards also who and what to avoid. The knowledge from this chakra is trustworthy and well beyond the intellectual.

When this chakra is blocked one may have headaches, insomnia or overthinking. Further, one may get lost in fantasy, feel very anxious or depressed, have sinus problems, mental fog, paranoia or delusions. Additionally, one may feel overwhelmed, or in severe cases have seizures.

But there are several things to do if you have a blocked or misaligned brow chakra.

5 Steps to take to balance your Brow Chakra

  1. Aromatherapy can calm and heal this chakra. Angelica root, Bay laurel, frankincense, juniper etc. are specifically helpful for the brow chakra.
  2. You can meditate on the color indigo or violet and also meditate on all the chakras. If any are out of alignment, all the other chakras will be impacted.
  3. You can use the energy of the other chakras to balance out this one. For example, if you are too much in your head, drop down into your heart chakra. Use the wisdom of the heart to balance out the more mental energies of this chakra
  4. Take some time in solitude. This can help you to access your own truth and perceptions, especially if you are very sensitive to other people’s energy.
  5. Drop down into your body. Take a walk. Take a bath. Stand under a tree. Ground yourself in the physical to offset overemphasis on the mental.

Balancing your Brow Chakra

All of these practices are helpful. Yet, we are hardly encouraged to follow our intuition or deeper wisdom. Consequently, we are even labeled as crazy, if we listen to our own inner promptings that go beyond the rational.

It can take great courage to listen to our deeper self. Sometimes the blocks to doing so are profound. Often we were punished or discouraged from following our own wisdom as children. It may take some extra help to clear these blockages from your brow chakra.

Fyonna is a sensitive and caring guide, who is trustworthy and able to gently and easily release these blockages. Once these blocks are removed, we have access to a reliable guidance system of our very own. This is our birthright. When our intuition is working properly, we naturally find our right path, right livelihood and live joyfully from our imagination. This third eye wisdom is intensely practical and enables us to live our best possible lives.

With Fyonna’s skillful help you can be intuitively alive, your inner wisdom imbibed and positively thrive.

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