Heart Chakra 7 Tips to Open the Heart

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the 4th chakra in the chakra system. While all the chakras are important, it is hard to overemphasize the significance of the heart chakra. It is located in the center of the chest and is usually seen as the color green. Green makes perfect sense, because trees and plants are green. They are the stationary heart of nature and they cover the earth. They shelter animals, humans and all beings must eat them. When we are connected to the trees and plants, we feel connected to the very heart of life.

The heart chakra is very expansive in nature. When we come from our hearts, we relate to the totality of life. We are full of love and compassion. We draw all love and life to ourselves and share this love with others. This chakra is a unifying one. It promotes wholeness and oneness with all of life. It is literally the place where love begins and where love flows to all.

A Opened Heart Chakra

When one’s heart chakra is open and aligned, one lives from a place of love. One automatically extends compassion to all beings. Life becomes unbelievable sweet and warm. People literally feel the warmth and love you exude.

While this love can and does include sexual love, primarily this kind of love is more like agape. Agape is a kind of unconditional love for all beings. It feels divine. It truly is divine. If you have this kind of love, people are automatically drawn to you. They feel accepted by you and your unconditional love. People will feel peace coming from you. They will be attracted to your lack of judgment. They will feel safe around you.

A Closed Hear Chakra

If your heart chakra is closed down, you may feel cut off. You may feel hard, cold, very alone and lonely. You may feel inconsolable. No matter what else you may have, if you don’t have love, nothing else really matters. If you have harsh judgments or are too critical, or are intensely jealous, the heart chakra can shut down.

7 Tips for Unblocking Your Heart Chakra

There are things one can do, if ones heart chakra feels closed down.

  1. Really feel your emotions. For example if you are angry, get in touch with your anger. Don’t pretend not to feel angry. You might want to write down what or who you are angry with and why. Write it down, whether the harm is very serious or trivial. Then you might look at what your part in the anger is. For example, if you were abused, you might come to understand that you needn’t accept the lies the abuser taught you. Just because they said you are worthless, does not make you worthless.
  2. You may need to work on forgiveness, in your own time and way. Forgiveness does not mean that it is okay for anyone to hurt you. It means that you stop suffering, because of the terrible things that people do. You might need to confront someone who has hurt you. Obviously do so in a way that is safe and constructive and with support.
  3. Or if you have done someone harm, you may need to make amends to those you have hurt. While this is not easy, it does make one feel much better in the long run. Making amends opens one’s heart.
  4. Talk things out with safe people. Don’t bottle up your feelings. While it is okay to vent some, be careful about venting too much. This can become addictive.
  5. If you have addictive behavior like, drinking, drugging, smoking, sexual acting out, overspending etc., you can get help. Also, sometimes people go in the other direction and are anorexic in eating or spending. Addictions can shut down your feelings and your heart. Conversely, getting help and stopping compulsive behaviors opens one’s heart chakra.
  6. Free style writing helps a lot as well, just pouring out your heart on the page. You may find that doing art, drawing, painting, sculpting, storytelling etc can be very helpful in releasing what’s beneath the surface. Additionally, writing poetry can help tremendously.
  7. Visualizing the color green and imagining your heart open can also help heal this chakra

Healing Deep Hurts in the Heart Chakra

All of these practices are necessary and can be most helpful. Yet, it may well be, that one needs more help. Sadly, many of us are carrying very deep hurts. Additionally, the amount of abuse in our society is at a record high One may need expert assistance in healing these very deep hurts trapped in one’s heart chakra.

There is no shame in this. It takes great strength to acknowledge vulnerability. Even the toughest of us are not really so tough. Everyone is seeking love. Opening your heart chakra also opens you up to loving yourself unconditionally. This is first step to knowing that you deserve to receive unconditional love from others. This knowledge enables you to not sell yourself short and expect and receive both romantic and agape love.

Fyonna, is very gentle, kind, compassionate and humorous too. She can deftly help you let go your hurts, so your heart can gently open and flower. You will then find the love that was always there. Fyonna is very skilled and can release what holds your heart in bondage. She can help you to free yourself and your heart, so love can start.

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