Root Chakra

The 1st chakra or root chakra is concerned with survival and one’s most primal and basic instincts. This is the chakra about being grounded and connected to Mother Earth. The 1st chakra also helps us to be grounded in our bodies and is our foundational chakra. The chakras form a kind of ladder, from the root chakra to the crown. The 1st chakra is the bottom or foundation of the ladder. This chakra is also about our connection to our biological family and our lineage.

The chakra is usually seen as red, a very energetic color that commands attention. It is outgoing, dynamic, very active and associated with safety. On the physical level, the 1st chakra covers the area of the genitals, rectum, lower back, kidneys and lower spine. The concerns of this chakra are related to basic survival, -shelter, food, warmth, comfort and safety. Therefore, for the rest of the chakras to be healthy and to meet our spiritual needs, our foundation must be strong.

Benefits of Balancing the 1st Chakra

When the 1st chakra is strong and healthy, one feels a sense of confidence and power, also a sense of movement, change and even revolution. One feels rooted and secure in one’s body and in one’s family and lineage. Further, one feels connected to the earth and has a strong desire to live and a deep sense of vitality. One can slow down, relax and be still and at peace. One tends to be healthy, at a good weight and feels vital and alive.

However, if this chakra is out of balance one can feel full of rage and frightened, especially about money. One can be overly materialistic or overly concerned with health. Physical symptoms can include an overactive bladder, fatigue, constipation, and anemia. Emotionally one may be angry, greedy, impatient and belligerent. Worry can be common, deep insecurity and a profound sense of restlessness. Eating disorders are common for those with 1st chakra problems.

There are many things one can do if one’s 1st chakra is blocked or misaligned.

6 Tips to Take if Your 1st Chakra is Blocked or Misaligned.
  1. Connect with the earth. Hug a tree. Stand on the earth. If it is warm outside, go barefoot and ground yourself.
  2. Eat foods that support the 1st chakra. These include beets, beans, meat, soy, parsnips, red char
  3. Meditate on the color red and also on all the chakras
  4. Use healing stones and crystals such as smoky quartz, garnet, red jasper and bloodstone.
  5. Be very physically active, whether you run or walk or hike or bike and really get into your body.
  6. Cultivate a sense of self-reliance, so that you feel more secure. In addition, be part of a community, so you don’t just go it alone.
Balancing your 1st Chakra

All these actions can help to heal and unblock your 1st chakra. However, many have experienced trauma that leaves us feeling unsafe and ungrounded. Sometimes no matter how one tries, one still feels very insecure and restless.

One may well require the assistance of a patient and experienced guide. Fyonna is such a person, who can help one feel safe and secure. She offers a safe and peaceful environment to heal. With such help, one can relax. Further Fyonna is very gentle. She is skilled in bringing the 1st chakra into balance, easily releasing whatever one needs to release.

This chakra is the very foundation of our health and wellbeing. It is the bottom of the ladder on which our chakras and ourselves stand.

DIY Root Chakra Balancing

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