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The Power Of Manifestation Lies Within Your Root Chakra

With the limitless supply of negative energy frequencies it is easy for our chakras to become blocked or imbalanced. However, we are not helpless to this plight. There are things we can do to assist with chakra healing and keeping the energy within our chakras flowing freely. First, we need to know more about our chakras and what area of the body they supply with needed energy. Let’s delve into the root chakra, how does it function and affect our lives? Also we will uncover tips for chakra balancing for the novice and pro alike.

Root Chakra its Purpose and Location

Its energy is based on the earth element and in a balanced state, you feel grounded. Therefore, its location at the base of the spine is ideal for laying the foundation for growth in our lives. Referred to as the first chakra, it governs our feelings of safety and security in the world. When you hear the word root, no doubt plants come to mind. They all need roots to be securely grounded into the earth. When a tiny seed is submerged in soil, it starts to sprout little roots that can become exceedingly large. Emerging roots that are in suitable environs become firmly established and are able to support the plant throughout its life. The earth often referred to as Mother Earth, supplies the need environment for plants to flourish and thrive. But plants aren’t the only living breathing organism that sends out roots.

Root Chakra and your Mother

Let’s liken that tiny seed to a tiny little human, a baby. Just like a plant, it needs the proper environment for its spouting roots to be firmly grounded. Being firmly rooted allows the infant to thrive in his/her current environs and in the future life that awaits him/her. Our root chakra provides the foundation on which we build our lives. It supports us in growing and feeling safe in exploring all the aspects of life. It is how we anchor our energy into the manifest world. Since newborns typically rely on mom for nurturing, the root chakra is greatly influenced by your relationship with your mother.

Root Chakra and your Development

The strength of a child’s root chakra, dictates how effectively he/she will not only survive but thrive in life’s endeavors. Your immediate family (persons who share the same household) also contributes to the environment in which you form your roots. Hence, they affect how your root chakra develops. Just like plants, our environs greatly affect our developing root chakra determining whether we can cope effectively with life’s adversities. If as a child, life was not conducive to forming strong healthy roots. Likely you will need to clear the built-up negative energy from you root chakra.

Root Chakra and Opening

Root Chakra Opening is essential to manifesting your goals. There are things you can do on your own to activate energy flow in your chakras. Chakra Balancing which is a form of Energy Healing helps to release energies that are trapped in your chakras. The energies that have built up in your being due to negative childhood/life experience can be released from your body.

Please read our post, How to Clear a Blocked Chakra, for DIY Tips for Root Chakra Balancing.

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