Distance Energy Healing Sessions with Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a technique that is used during energy healing sessions, to obtain information from your body. Muscle testing helps to identify energies that are causing blockages in your subtle body. A Wellthy You™ offers long distance energy healing sessions that include muscle testing for our clients all over the world. We also offer energy healing sessions and muscle testing in our Boston, MA area based studio. To learn how energy healing and muscle testing work together, keep reading.

How Does Energy Healing and Muscle Testing Work Together?

Our bodies have the ability to communicate through the central nervous system. This system is home to both the conscious and unconscious levels of the brain.  The spinal cord and individual nerves links the central nervous system to the rest of the body. The nerve endings transports information to the spinal cord. Then, from the spinal cord to the brain, allowing the brain to interpret what the message is. The appropriate action in then taken in response to the message sent. Walking, talking, breathing, thinking, feeling etc. is controlled in this manner. This system is know as your reflexes.

Our brains document everything that has happened to us in our lifetime, both good and bad. Because this documentation happens subconsciously, we aren’t always aware of what has been stored. This makes it difficult to address certain problem that can arise in our lives. Energy healing sessions that utilize muscle testing as biofeedback are very effective. Because muscle testing helps the therapist to identify low energy vibrations that cause blockages in the subtle body. This done by asking leading questions and getting the answers from the body.

During a muscle testing session, your central nervous system will answer the yes or no questions. The muscle will either stay “strong” or “locked” to provide a “yes” answer or become “weak” or “unlocked” to provide a “no” answer. With the help of an energy healing therapist who knows the right questions to ask, muscle testing for distance energy healing sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home . Your energy healing therapist will ask the questions while you follow instructions on how to read the muscle response.

Muscle Testing During in-studio Energy Healing Sessions what to expect:

  • simple questions with yes or no answers
  • during the question and answer session, light pressure will be exerted on a muscle
  • identification of “strong” or “locked” muscles for “yes” answers
  • identification of “weak” or “unlocked” muscles for “no” answers

Muscle Testing During Distance Energy Healing Sessions what to expect:

A Wellthy You™ provides muscle testing for distance energy healing sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Your body’s muscles will strengthen or weaken during testing, reacting based on an involuntary or automatic reaction. The signals that are sent through your central nervous system determines the reaction that occurs. This process that is used to help with your distance energy healing session provides valuable biofeedback.

  • simple questions with yes or no answers
  • you choose the method of muscle testing you prefer and apply light pressure to your own muscle
  • identification of “strong” or “locked” muscles for “yes” answers
  • identification of “weak” or “unlocked” muscles for “no” answers

Distance energy healing sessions with muscle testing as the source of biofeedback are just as effective as in studio sessions.


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