Mind Body Balance

With so many consumers now seeking mind body therapy, many skeptics are now curious to know if it really works. Due to many proven results, mind body therapists are gaining new respect within the medical community. Highly reputable medical facilities throughout the U.S. are now offering programs for mind body balance. Can this form of therapy really help you? Can it? Countless research and case studies have proven mind body therapy to be extremely effective.

Mind Body Balance at A Wellthy You

Fyonna is a Mind Body Therapist who practices a one of a kind chakra balancing protocol along HBLU, NLP and principles of Ask & Receive. She has been having great results guiding her clients to mind body balance. Upon finding out what ails you she uses muscle testing to trace back to the root cause of the issue. Once the root cause event has been found, all the trapped negative emotions associated with the event is released. The release process utilizes energy psychology techniques as well as special micro crystals designed specifically for energy healing.

Energy emitted by these special micro-crystals goes around the different energy channels in your body. All negative energies detected are transmuted and loses the negative emotional charge they once carried. Further, you will see the tool change direction when the trapped energies have been cleared.

Using the Unconscious Mind to Create Mind Body Balance

Using the body’s own intelligence, Fyonna opens up your mind to different types of energy psychology techniques. For example, you come into her studio or book a remote session, because of a back problem. You might not realize that the body’s intelligence might need to fix something else in the mental or emotional level. Does the root cause exists on the mental or emotional level? Were you old enough to remember the root cause event or will we have to muscle test to find it? By communicating with your unconscious mind, she finds all the answers she needs to release the root of the presenting issue helping you achieve mind body balance.

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