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Release Your First Trapped Emotion on Us!

It is really quite simple to access your trapped negative emotions. Allow me to demonstrate just how easy it is to access a behavior your unconscious mind has been running from childhood. Please take a moment to do this powerful but simple five (5) step exercise. You will need to stop everything else you are doing and be fully engaged. If your location does not permit you to do so, then make a note to yourself or set a calendar reminder, to do this exercise later (yes, it is that important that you experience this). Please read through all the steps before you begin.

Step One

Think back to an incident that happened in your childhood that has negatively influenced your decisions even as an adult. I’m sure more than one comes to mind so take a second and pick just one event.

Step Two

Although it might be very unpleasant, think about all the circumstances surrounding that event, let it play out in your mind.

Step Three

While thinking about the experience, tune into your body, allowing all your senses to come into play.

Step Four

Pay attention to any emotions that come up while you are thinking about this experience. Are you feeling sadness, betrayal, helplessness, frozen or numb with fear etc.? Are there any parts in your body that have now started to experience any physical discomfort or tingling or any other kind of sensation you don’t usually feel, now that you are thinking about the experience?

Step Five

When you are done replaying the scene and have identified all the emotions you felt and the location in your body that you felt them, please take a moment to write down the emotion(s) you felt along with the part(s) of your body that you felt the physical discomfort or sensation.

Those feelings you just felt are the emotion you experienced when that particular program was written in the database maintained by your unconscious mind and it has dictated many of your life choices for years.

That one negative life experience that dates back to your childhood has affected you both emotionally and physically. Remember, negative emotions carry a lower frequency than positive emotions and can cause energetic blockages in your body that affects your physical well-being, resulting in pain and other physical discomfort.

How many other programs like that one are you running? Which of your programs are preventing you from attaining that one thing you desire so much?

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