Self Empowerment & Personal Development

I help everyday people recognize and access the amazing innate power they have within themselves to step into their highest self and bring about amazing transformations in any area of their lives they want to change.

• Let go of trauma, phobias, limiting beliefs etc.
• Overcome anxiety, depression, and ADHD
• Create a compelling future with proven techniques that help you achieve your goals

Get to root cause on your emotional baggage, release the negative emotional charge on: trauma, phobias, anxiety, etc. Achieve mind body congruence on your stated goals. The release work facilitates change on a mental, emotional and physical level allowing you achieve personal transformation, and evolve into your most purposeful self.

“Fyonna lets you know that the healing comes from within you. She is not some authority, who you will now give yourself over to. She helps your whole system to run better and clears out the gunk, so you can have the kind of life you want and deserve. I suffered so long and so intensely that I want others to know about this, so you don’t have to suffer like I did. You just have to try it, and you will feel it and experience it. I am so totally grateful to her and have told everyone I meet about her. I was one of those hopeless cases. Not anymore. You might think that this kind of healing must take years and years but that is not true. I am living proof. I feel so much better and if I can get well anyone can!!! And I could not have done it without Fyonna’s skills and help and love, enabling me to move forward with my goals and healing”.
G. Bonner

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