Self Sabotage How to Stop Sabotaging your Life

Self Sabotage

Self sabotage is a most serious problem that keeps us from attaining all that life offers. How tragic. However, all is not lost, we can overcome self sabotage. We all the key to a life beyond our wildest dreams within us.

So often we have goals regarding relationships, career, health or fitness etc. Consciously we know how to achieve our goals. However, we unconsciously act in ways that keeps us from our goals. We end up with unwanted results and miss out on what we do want.

What is Self Sabotage?

Simply put, self sabotage is behavior that blocks your achievements. Examples of self sabotaging behavior include procrastination, overeating, self cutting, abusing alcohol and prescription drugs etc. You may consciously or unconsciously doing things that stop you from attaining your goals. For example, you want to date a certain someone. But deep inside you believe that person is out of your reach. He or she might invite you out but you say now because you want to save yourself from the heartbreak of a messy breakup. Or, you might say, good things never happen to me so why even bother. There are so many stories we tell ourselves that sabotage or success in life.

What Causes Self Sabotage?

Self sabotage is usually caused by limiting beliefs, or by deeply ingrained habits or patterns. These beliefs stop you from seeing clearly. You view the situation not as it truly is but through the murky lenses of your limiting beliefs. Therefore, when you are about to achieve your goal, you engage in destructive habits.

Sometimes things go very well. Your limiting beliefs tell you: This is too good to be true. Next thing you know, you lose what you want most.

How to Overcome Self Sabotage?

First, identify the limiting belief that’s holding you back. You may be unaware of them. Ask yourself.

Is this statement a fact or could it just be my opinion on the subject? Next, really analayze it, is this really true? Then detach. See the situation from the perspective of a third person, a witness, so you are less emotional. If you question and detach from limiting beliefs, you may overcome these beliefs and stop self sabotage.

However, sometimes limiting beliefs are very strong. They become ingrained in your nervous system and neurology. These beliefs are reinforced by trauma. Sometimes it is virtually impossible to overcome them alone.

I can help by using energy psychology techniques to clear trauma from your subtle body. I offer coaching to help you every step of the way, to achieve your goals. The techniques used in our sessions can be practiced on your one. Further empowering you help yourself overcome self sabotage as it arises in your life.

I have helped so many people transform their lives and achieve their visions and goals. Why not you too? I would love to help rid you of self sabotage and breakthrough to the very best you. Let’s work together so your dreams and goals come true.

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