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Chakra Balancing Intensive Sessions

A Chakra Balancing Intensive (CBI) Session at A Wellthy You™ is like no other chakra balancing session you have ever had before. CBI is a no fluff all-inclusive scrubbing and releasing of trapped negative energies that you have been collecting for years. Negative emotions or energies sometimes group together to form damage patterns eg. traumas, conflicts of parts, limiting beliefs, anxiety, phobias etc. These damage patterns then become our emotional baggage or mental obstacles that form our model of the world and affects our actions at an unconscious level.  Additionally, these trapped negative energies send out vibrations that jam up your chakras.

A Wellthy You™ CBI Sessions are a proprietary approach to Charka Balancing that is extremely effective. Remarkably, this one of a kind method allows me to group “like energies” so I can target multiple frequencies at once. Therefore, facilitating the release of large quantities of energies in each session. As a result, a single CBI Session produces rapid lasting results enabling you to experience the cumulative benefits of many years of traditional therapy – in every session!

Chakra Balancing Intensive Sessions releases emotional baggage

The deepest and most sustainable way to effect changes in our lives is to work at all levels of our consciousness. Therefore, Chakra Balancing Intensive Sessions use Muscle Testing to communicate with the unconscious mind, the store house of all our experience and life lessons. To begin, I determine your overall energy flow, by assessing each chakra. Then, I identify the priority chakra to be cleared. Next, I locate traumas, phobias, limiting beliefs along with any other damage patterns stored in the chakra being cleared. Afterwards, all identified damage patterns (aka emotional baggage) are released by applying a simple Energy Psychology technique. This process is very quick and some clients experience tingling sensations as the energies leave their bodies.

Chakra Balancing Intensive Sessions facilitates change that heals your past

Finally, I ask your body for “learnings” that the unconscious mind wants to share with your conscious mind. These “Learnings” are usually positive statements related to the release work we are doing. If a “learning” is not congruent on both levels, your mind & body, then all energies preventing congruence are identified and released. Learnings are key to effecting sustainable changes in your life because they provide invaluable insight into your negative internal messages. This insight now creates dramatic energy shifts that induces a sense of mental, physical and emotional oneness.

As your emotional baggage gets lighter, your model of the world begins to change so will your views; of life, yourself and the world around you. It will become easier to stop behaviors that no longer serve your best interest and highest good. You will no longer unconsciously limit yourself, thereby experiencing more fulfilment and happiness in all areas of your life.

Chakra Balancing Intensive Sessions facilitates change that heals your past, empowers you in the present and enables you to create a positive happy future.

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 Some clients have reported feeling an energy shift in as little as three sessions. Each Chakra Balancing Intensive Session is an hour long and can be done using a phone. You can heal on your schedule in the comfort of your own home. I ask the questions while you muscle test the results. Muscle Testing is easy to learn and there are several informative articles on line.

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