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Chakra Balancing Therapist in Boston, MA Area

We have all had Negative life experience, have all been negatively affected by things other people have said or done and we each have a particular personality type.  These three factors (among other things) have caused us to process negative emotions since infancy. The memories of these stored negative emotions shape your view of the world and drives unconscious behaviors that could be negatively affecting your life. Our unique chakra balancing sessions clears the negative emotional charge on the damage patterns these negative emotions have formed and you will find your view of life, yourself and the world changing for the better. You will no longer unconsciously limit yourself and find it much easier to stop behaviors that are not in your best interest.

Our Chakra Balancing Sessions Focus on the 7 in-body Chakras

Our chakra balancing sessions focus on the 7 in-body chakras because each of the 7 chakras supplies healing energy to its associated organs and glands. If there is an energy blockage in your material body it can be accessed through one of the in-body chakras. Each chakra balancing session is a building block to the next, we begin with clearing blockages that prevent the free flow of healing energy throughout your energy systems, i.e., chakras, meridians, aura etc.. This makes it easier to remove the negative/lower vibrational frequencies associated with damage patterns caused by stored negative emotions. Examples of damage patterns are: limiting beliefs, conflict of parts etc… Our chakra balancing sessions target damage patterns in groups, eliminating the negative emotional charge associated with each negative emotion.

This creates a dramatic energy shift and you will start to feel a sense of mental, physical and emotional (mind/body/spirit) balance as the healing process continues. We enhance this transformation by identifying and clearing all energy frequencies that might impedes this process (I call them associated energies). This step lays the foundation for Balancing on Goal Statements, where we target and release emotions that drive behaviors that create obstacles to achieving your goals or target areas of your life that you struggle with. Goal statements can be anything from; finding a fulfilling well-paying job, mending a broken marriage, quitting an addictive habit, pretty much, anything in your life you would like to improve. During your chakra balancing sessions we will systematically identify and release frequencies that are blocking you from manifesting a happier life.

Book a Session at A Wellthy You – A Leading Boston, MA area based Chakra Balancing Therapist
If you are interested in booking a session with a gifted and knowledgeable therapist at A Wellthy You, simply use our online booking form via our website or give us a call at 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849). We offer “In Studio” sessions for chakra balancing in our Boston, MA area based studio, as well as distance healing – chakra balancing sessions, which can be done over the phone. Let me know what your goals are and which type of session will work best for you. I can answer any questions that you might have about balancing your chakras and the natural health therapies offered at our location in Needham, MA which relies on the power of crystals for physical and spiritual healing. Call today and get on the positive path toward releasing stored negative energy to manifest the goals that you have for your life.

The amount of balancing sessions needed depends on the individual, but the average is 8-12 balancing sessions. Some clients have reported feeling an energy shift in as little as three sessions. Each chakra balancing session is an hour long and in-studio sessions cost $135 and remote sessions are $110. Distance healing sessions are done over the phone and I ask the questions while you muscle test the results. Muscle Testing is easy to learn and there are several informative articles on line.

Boston, MA area Clients see you Energy Flow in Real-Time

If you live in the Boston, MA area you can see the energy flow in your chakras in real-time with our Energy Profiling System. It analyzes the vibrational pulse in your organs and 7 chakras by way of the hand-plate sensors that correspond to the reflex zones of your right palm and reveals the energy flow in 46 organs, 7 chakras and your electromagnetic field, providing a clear picture of your overall Energy Profile (click here to see sample Energy Profile). Your in office visit to our Needham, MA studio will include an electronic copy of your Energy Profile.

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