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Empowerment Coaching

Why would you need Empowerment Coaching?

We can only process a small amount of all the information coming at us daily. So the information that we do take in gets filtered through our process. We delete, distort and generalize based on our past experiences. Therefore our view of the world is usually based on what we have experienced in our lives. The information we are processing daily is being edited based on our past experiences then chances are we are just reinforcing everything we already believe to be true. Our experiences creates our lenses through which we view the world.

What if you could remove all the negative emotional charges you feel on your past negative experiences?

Do you think the information you take in daily will get processed differently?

Your experiences in life may start to feel more positive. This may cause your view of the world to start changing for the better.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up with a positive attitude and outlook on life each day…knowing that anything that’s humanly possible is within your reach? Weather its fulfillment in family/friends, work/vocation, finances, health, recreation etc. spirituality, and contributing the larger world?

That is what Empowerment Coaching will do for you.

Empowerment Coaching with Fyonna

Fyonna was there to help me see things as they really are. Her work was very thorough in helping me deal with my baggage, and helped me set manageable and reachable goals to realize true fulfillment. She will help put you take charge and put you in the driver’s seat of your life. She helps you to take 100 percent total responsibility for your outcomes.

It is essential that you take 100% responsibility for your life. She is not there to tell you what to do, rather she is there to help you realize your own mastery. She is there to help you find what you need within yourself. Unlike the role of a therapist, she is not there to give you her opinion. Rather she is there to gently guide you to your own heart, your own being.

Empowerment Coaching let go of what holds you back.

My approach is totally thorough and completely realistic.

It is now common knowledge that we are all energy beings. As such we have various energy circulatory system in our bodies. I access the negative energies of our past experiences i.e. trauma, limiting beliefs, phobia etc. through our 7 in body energy centers or chakras. I believe this is one of the most effective and thorough ways to clear our baggage out. One chakra at a time. This process will remove all the gunk that you accumulated over all the years of your life. Everything from fear, hurt, trauma, sorrow, loneliness, rage, phobias, mental health issues, you name it. I will clear it from you quickly and without re traumatizing you. You won’t have to relive horrible experiences again and again.

Some of this may not even be from your own personal experiences. Maybe your parents or grandparents or great great grandparents had terrible experiences that you are still carrying in your body. All of that can go and go quickly. For most people, this accumulated gunk is running their lives and making healing and other goals impossible. By releasing this permanently from your chakras, you can clear trauma and other stuff that might have taken years or decades of therapy. Once this gunk is cleared you are on a new footing.

Empowerment Coaching the next step is breakthrough session.

  1. Breakthrough sessions. Once the gunk has been cleared out, you decide on goals you want to attain. Maybe you are clear on your goals, or maybe you are not sure how to world your goals or maybe you just feel stuck. Each session is guided by information stored in the unconscious mind. Muscle testing is used the access the unconscious mind to find the root cause energies and completely release them. This way anything that is getting in your way of achieving your goals will be removed. The problem will be removed at the very deepest root level.

Achieving your goals.

  1. Next, I will work with you every step of the way to accomplish all of your goals for all areas of your life, such as family, friends, financial, spiritual, career, recreational etc. Together we will set measurable time tables to actually reach the goals you set.
    I will be there to support you as you decide exactly what you want to accomplish or attain. I am not here to tell you what to do. Rather, I an here to guide you back to who you truly are.

Empowerment Coaching puts you in charge of you life

You won’t have to go it alone. At the same time, the agenda is yours, not mine.
As so many clients have attested, this is a remarkable process that allows you to express the true depths of who you really are, your best and brightest and highest self.
By working together, we will be able to attain your deepest goals and true and lasting fulfillment in all areas of your life.

No longer will your goals remain unattainable dreams. You will now be in charge of your life. You will be able to turn your deepest dreams into goals that you actually attain.
Your life will have a new refrain. You will regain the depths of who you are and will shine like the brilliant star you are. You will be happy healthy strong, fulfilled, powerful, effective, sparkling, prosperous and free.

Empowerment Coaching why haven’t you done this yet?

Step into your authentic power & greatness, to live with possibility, to say yes to yourself by showing up fully in every area of your life like you’ve never done before so that you can get results like you’ve never had before.

It is time to step into the driver’s seat of your life. I can help you get there.
“As your coach I open up possibilities and choices where you thought none existed before.”
Let’s create conditions for your inevitable success together.

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