7 Chakra Stones

7 Chakra Stones Set Chakra Gemstones

This 7 Chakra Stones Set includes a gemstone for each of the 7 in body chakras. Additionally, an 8th stone is added for clearing negative energy from your set. While ordering, please note what you ultimately hope to accomplish from purchasing your 7 Chakra Stones set. Consequently, each stone in the set will be carefully chosen based on your individual needs.  Notably, Muscle Testing will be used to pick the stones that will best help you accomplish your goals. Each of the 7 Chakra Stones carries a unique frequency which will enhance energy flow in each chakra.

7 Chakra Stones Set – What you get?

Root Chakra Stones emit a warm energy, as a result they stir up passion. Sacral Chakra Stones also emit a warm energy bring about emotional balance. Personal power and growth are awakened by the warm energy emitted by stones used on the solar chakra. Heart Chakra stones emit a soft frequency creating the feeling of safety and wellbeing. Most noteworthy, Throat Chakra Stones are chosen in light or dark shades and helps in expressing your thoughts. Brow Chakra Stones emit a cooler energy frequency which enhances intuition and self trust. Similarly, Crown chakra stones emit a cool energy and aids in connecting to the universal energy flow.

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Chakra stones are mother natures healing gifts. Healing crystals are used in the energy healing work done at A Wellthy You. Many clients have been helped to release trapped negative emotions that have been blocking them from attaining their goals. Similarly, whatever your goals may be, A Wellthy You can help you too.  Give us a call at 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849) or read our blog. Learn more about a one of a kind long distance chakra balancing sessions using muscle testing and energy psychology techniques.

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