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1 – 60 minute Breakthrough Session in studio session


Breakthrough Sessions – Have you ever wondered why we don’t always accomplish all our goals despite knowing exactly what we need to do in order to accomplish them? The reason we don’t just seamlessly accomplish all our goals is because we aren’t always 100% congruent on all our goals. Being 100% congruent on a goal means that all your levels; mental, emotional & physical are working in unison to achieve that goal. But how do you become congruent on all your levels with your goals? Breakthrough Sessions help you to release all the trapped negative energies (baggage) that have been preventing you from having mind, body, spirit congruence with your stated goals.

Breakthrough Sessions Balancing on your Goals

All Breakthrough Sessions focus on a particular change you would like to make in your life. These changes are written in the form of Goal Statement. Hence, goals can be from any area of life you would like to bring about change. Areas of life include: Health and Wellness, Career, Relationships, Personal Growth & Development, Family, Purpose etc. t. I work with each client to assist in formulating their goal statement.

Breakthrough Sessions begin with muscle testing to get to the root cause issues that trigger behaviors that sabotage your goals. Root cause issues range from; conflicts of part, limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, traumas etc. Getting to and releasing root cause energies creates congruence on all levels. Therefore achieving goals become less of an uphill battle.

Breakthrough Sessions produce rapid lasting results. All Breakthrough Sessions release years of life experience damage, enabling you  to experience the cumulative benefits of years of traditional therapy – in just one hour!

As a seasoned therapist , people often ask me to recommend professionals I would use myself. I have and do use Fyonna for Breakthrough Sessions and Chakra Balancing work. She has a unique and powerful method which blends several modalities. She is highly skilled and intuitive. My sessions with her have been transformative. She is a trusted friend and colleague whom I highly recommend. Fyonna is who the professionals use when they need a hand.”

Tracey Cardello, LCSW

Call 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849) for my information on Breakthrough Sessions.


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