Long Distance Chakra Healing Time Out

Long Distance Chakra Healing Session

A one hour Long Distance Chakra Healing session. This phone session includes Muscle Testing and the use of special healing micro crystals to balance your chakras. First, Muscle Testing is used to locate low energies attached to trapped negative emotions that are stored in your body. Next, special healing micro crystals are used to raise those low energy vibrations to higher frequencies. Thus enabling you to easily let go of old patterns that are holding you back. Subsequently, helping you make room for positive changes in your life. Clients have reported being able to: find better paying jobs, improve their relationships (love, social, work), among other great benefits.

Long Distance Chakra Healing – What to Expect?

Random memories will surface during your 60-minute long distance chakra healing session. The low energy, attached to these memories is what is blocking the chakra being worked on. The memories aren’t being erased, rather the low energy vibration attached to the memories are being transformed. Some clients report a tingling pins and needles feeling while a chakra is being worked on. Notably, most clients can immediately tell when an energy blockage has been cleared.

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The energy healing work done at A Wellthy You allows you to step into your limitless potential. I have helped many clients release stored negative emotions that have been blocking them from reaching their goals. My goal is to help each client live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Similarly, whatever your goal may be, A Wellthy You can help you too.  Give us a call at 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849) or read our blog to learn more about long distance chakra balancing.

Book your session today, simple select a day and time from the calendar that works best for you. Take your first step toward unleashing your highest potential today!

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