The Unconscious Mind Runs 90% of our Lives


Unconscious Mind

I have heard the human mind compared to an iceberg. The conscious mind, the part we see above the water can hold but so much information at once. It is constantly filtering its perceptions of our experiences. The unconscious mind, the most dominant part, lies below the surface. It holds all data that is not presently in our consciousness. All our positive and negative emotions from life experiences, the actions or speech of others and our personality type are all held in the unconscious mind. Further, every memory, feeling and perception that is out of consciousness is below the water line unseen until called into consciousness or until rising spontaneously to the surface. Just think of all the things we do without cognizance.

The Unconscious Mind is Incapable of Reason

Imprinted positive and negative emotions influence our actions or inactions. For example, we can feel “frozen with fear” when faced with certain situations. The unconscious mind is incapable of reason and only views things as absolutes. An imprinted negative emotion of I’m not loveable, I don’t deserve to be happy, I’m not good enough etc. could be the source of actions/behaviors. These unconsciously driven behaviors can bring about things like; unhappy marriages, financial instability, addictions and pretty much anything you’re struggling with in your life right now. In addition to causing self sabotage, negative emotions carry low frequencies that can affect the health of organs and tissue in which they are stored. Ultimately resulting in health issues.

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