What are Trapped Negative Emotions?

Trapped Emotions Trapped Negative Emotions

What are trapped emotions? Many people aren’t aware that the feelings we get from our emotions can become stuck in our bodies. Since feelings carry energies, the vibrations or pulses of our feeling can become trapped in our bodies. Negative feelings carry a lower pulse than positive feelings. These low pulses negatively impact our entire system. Everything from the smallest cells on up to the largest organs can become affected by low energy pulses linked to trapped negative emotions. In fact, low energy pulses from trapped emotions are what cause most energy blocks. However, it is possible to defuse even reverse the effects of these low energy pulses.

With the guidance of a seasoned energy healing therapist, energy blocks can be released. A Wellthy You has been very successful with this type of energy healing. Notably, you can book distance energy healing sessions or in studio sessions in our Boston, MA area-based studio.

How do we Accrue Trapped Emotions?

One very common way of accruing trapped emotions is when we engage our fight or flight reflexes. Oddly, this happens because our unconscious mind is trying to protect us from future threats, whether real or perceived. In this highly stressful state any emotion we feel can become trapped in our bodies. Resulting in these trapped emotions now becoming a reference for how we respond to similar events in the future. In addition, any emotional energy that does not get fully processed can become trapped. For example, many people avoid dealing with emotions by talking themselves out of how they feel. Some even shut down their feelings to avoid causing problems for others. The more we “push down” our emotions, the more likely they are to become trapped. Trapped emotions causes changes in our energy field leading to various ailments.

Some other ways that emotions become trapped include:

Transference: from one person to the next
Inherited: pass down form your parents
Imposed: thoughts or ideas that someone else imposes on you, e.g. criticism from a loved one.
Personality type: inherent traits

Negative Emotions Cause Energy block in our Subtle Bodies

Repeatedly trapping the lower energy frequencies of negative emotions cause energy blocks in our subtle bodies. Constant pulsing of low energies affects the host organ causing it to become ill. Remember we have all been accruing negative emotions and by extension energy blocks since birth. Energy blockages change your body’s own natural vibration resulting in mental, emotional and physical issues. Therefore, we all have the need for energy healing. Energy healing helps to release or change the lower energy pulses associated with negative emotions. Further, it clears blockages and imbalances in your energy systems improving your health and wellbeing. Also, it helps to release or change the lower energy pulses linked to negative emotions. Subsequently clearing blockages and imbalances in your energy systems improves your health and wellbeing.

Energy Healing for Trapped Emotions

Each person is unique and we all have different reason for seeking energy healing. However, since birth we have all engaged our fight or flight reflexes over and over again. Therefore, we all have the need for energy healing. In studio, or distance healing sessions can help to identify and release energy blocks from your body. This raises the vibrational pulse of low energies into higher positive frequencies rebooting your body’s innate ability to selfheal. We have helped clients from all over the New England region. Also, A Wellthy You™ has helped clients outside of the northeastern region through our distance healing sessions.

Release Trapped Negative Emotions, Contact A Wellthy You™

A Wellthy You™ uses a one of a kind energy healing protocol that will help you uncover trapped negative emotions. Freeing the vibrations of these energies opens the way for healing. Your mind, body and spirit now working in harmony, allows you to quickly fix problem areas in your life. We are having great results in treating our clients with our unique energy healing protocol.

First, the root cause energy which is usually a trapped negative emotion is located using muscle testing. Second, using our extensive list of energy patterns we figure out what kind of emotion it is. Third, we determine which healing micro crystals to use. Fourth, the energy emitted from specially designed healing micro crystals scour the different energy channels in your body. Fifth, low pulses linked to trapped negative emotions are released freeing your body of energy blockages. Finally, once an energy blockage has been cleared you will see the tool change direction.

Book your Energy Healing Session today

Discover what trapped emotions might be causing issues in your life. Your journey to good health for mind, body and spirit can start today. Book an appointment via our website or call us at 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849). Call today and schedule an Energy Healing session in our Needham based studio. You can also schedule a distance healing session, and heal in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
If you live in the Boston, MA area you can see the energy flow in your chakras in real-time. Our Energy Profiling System analyzes vibrational pulses in your organs and 7 chakras. The hand-plate sensors that correspond to the reflex zones of your right palm enables this process. Subsequently revealing the energy flow in 46 organs, 7 chakras and your electromagnetic field. This process provides a clear picture of your overall Energy Profile (click here to see sample Energy Profile).

An in-studio visit will include an electronic copy of your Energy Profile.

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